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Test longue durée EXT ERA par Pinkbike

Pinkbike a terminé son test longue durée de notre fourche EXT ERA, et ils ont adoré !

Avantages :

  • Pas de bruits ou de craquement du châssis ou du té

  • Possibilité de régler avec précision

  • Sensibilité et performances inégalées sur les petits chocs


  • Réglage idéal nécessite du temps et de l'expérimentation

  • Entretien / démontage uniquement dans centres agréés

"Who is the €1480 Era fork for and how did it stand up to twelve months of use, under three testers? That would boil down to a narrow rider demographic: someone who is tech savvy and in touch with feedback from their bike, appreciates boutique components, and isn't afraid to splash cash. The setup requires a time commitment and puzzling, but when you do find that sweet spot, there is some magic about. No fork is perfect, and like other artisan products some quirks may develop, like the top out, but I have to tip my hat to EXT for keeping that CSU creak-free throughout the test - job done.

You could easily lean towards more run-of-the-mill fork options, but the Era has a unique feel compared to any other fork. It rides high in its travel, offers support and control on the chunkiest trails, and will convert coil-only believers. Yes, a fork at this price level should be near perfection, but the performance is damn close."

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